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We’ve got all your shopping needs covered.

Buy direct from US/UK Stores through our Platform and have items delivered to you in 4 countries

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We provide the best shopping services for our customers worldwide.

Quality Products

We all love to know that whatever product we purchase has a high level of quality, but a lot of times cannot guarantee we are getting that level quality from our local stores or even if we do get them they are about 3x the price. That’s why we are here to give you the easy way out. Shop top quality products from your best U.K and U.S stores and get them shipped to your doorstep easy.

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Reliable & Fast Delivery

Less time shipping means more time enjoying your new items. Although we cannot lie that sometimes obstacles may suddenly come up but guess what, if there’s a company that backs itself to bypass this obstacles while making you feel unbothered throughout and get your items delivered in scheduled time, it’s us.

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Want to know exactly where your order is at this moment? That’s easy track your order for free
We are committed to providing smart and effective logistics Solutions.

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Shop 100’s of US/UK stores and billions of products on your Townsafrica website or App.

The Townsafrica app is a convenient, safe, fast way to purchase items directly from US & UK online stores and receive them at you doorstep. You really don’t have to look far to find a way to shop From UK/US stores to Nigeria, when you can do it all from our website or app?

Shop on the sites you love without concerns of payment, delivery, customs, local customer service and returns. We make the process easy for you and handle it all. You shop, we deliver. Learn to shop HERE

Your shopping made easy

With the Townsafrica app you can shop directly from 100’s of UK/US stores for the latest styles and authentic products. We make shopping easy no matter how low your computer skills. Learn how to shop HERE

You shop and pay on our app and we deliver the items to you, guaranteed.

Local payments with flexible currencies and delivery

We accept local payments with Naira and Naira cards and also direct Dollars payment allowing you to buy from US/UK sites with local currency, locally issued cards and payment methods unique to your country.

Shop with the app that gives you all the confidence needed to buy and receive your international purchases. Learn how to pay HERE

Customer Support

Chat with a customer care rep on our chatbox for the easiest shopping experience ever!

We provide you with the most comfortable customer care direct shopping service. Chat up a customer care rep and get your orders placed in less than 10mins. Learn How to shop HERE

Our Services

Lovely customer service

No need to worry about getting information on your order(s), making inquiries or getting advice on shipping and our services because we provide a 18hour call services and a 24 hours chat service and also a quick respond e-mail.

Order Fast-Track and Order Retention

Depending on sudden changes in your schedule we can fast track orders that have been updated as “Grounded” to be delivered as early as the same day. Terms and charges apply. We can also hold up your order to be delivered at a later date as a result of maybe a sudden travel plan or unavailability.

Order Reroute

If for whatever reason customers need their order(s) sent to a different location. We will kindly adhere, so do not worry. Terms and Charges apply.

Bulk Order

Towns Global is so simple and uncomplicated that you can shop as many different stores in one order and get them delivered at the same time.

Door Step

Delivery to every city.

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